Standard Oil Prexy Comes Back “Home”

By: Dick Tarpley

The No.1 man in the oil business stepped out of his own plane at Harpersville airfield at Breckenridge Friday to set foot once again on the West Texas soil he still calls home. A beaming midday sun failed to bother rugged Eugene Holman, president of the world’s biggest oil concern, Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), as he followed his wife from the big Lockheed Lode Star and was greeted by J.D. Sandefer Jr., and Jakie III age 9. “The sun feels good,” Holman said. “It’s pretty cool back East.”

Holman has been away from that bright West Texas sun for a long time following his graduation from Hardin-Simmons University in 1916 and the University of Texas with a master’s degree in 1917.


Pro:File---J. D. Sandefer, III
Family, Football and Oil

By Scott L. Weeden, Editor

''We'd all like to do it an easier way,’ says J. D. ''Jakie'' Sandefer, III. He smiles as he continues, “I have never found anything worthwhile very easy. To be an achiever, there are a lot of obstacles in the path. Just hang in there until you weave through them or get around them and get the job done.”

From his boyhood home in Breckenridge, Texas, to the corporate offices of Sandefer Oil & Gas, Inc., in Houston, Jakie Sandefer never forgotten the lessons he learned growing up in West Texas.

Sandefer’s grandfather was President of Hardin-Simmons University for 31 years. His dad was an independent oilman who moved to Breckenridge at the height of that town’s oil boom. “My dad spent a great deal of his time being a spokesman for the oil and gas industry.


Sandefer Heritage